Narratives are bound to conditions. The selected template usually defines these conditions, and they may not be the same from one to another.

Conditions are used to group together similar types of narratives in your report. This can be especially useful for a report summary, as you can group all narratives with the "needing service" condition together, for example.

While doing an inspection, if you select a condition for a particular narrative, that condition will be set as default for that narrative.

We can add, edit, and delete default conditions in a given template.

We will discuss how we can edit an existing condition.

Click on the "Templates" tab in the Web app (follow this article if you're using the Mobile App):

On the templates screen, select the template you want to edit:

You'll then see the template summary.

Look for the "Conditions" window, then click on the three dots next to the condition you want to edit:

Select "Edit Condition":

Here, you can edit the label and color of the condition:

Once you finish with your changes, click on "Save":

You will see the changes reflected in the Conditions window:

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