1. How does the system work with multiple inspectors?

Inspector Nexus works great with multiple inspectors. You can add as many inspectors as you want to your company. Click here for more information!

2. How does it work with Team Inspections?

Since data is continuously synced in real-time, each inspector can see changes from other inspectors on the property as they work. Some inspectors even leave a tablet with the realtor so they can watch the inspection report be built as they go.

Needless to say, all of the inspectors must have access to the inspection by being part of the same company. Click here to know more!

3. Do you have an NPMA-33 form version/template we can use?

We do not currently have an NPMA-33 form available out of the box, but you can import your templates from Spectora (or another software) if you have one there.

4. How does your support work - always through the ticket system or is there phone support?

Our ticketing system currently has the fastest response time (<24h), and you can email us or use the chat system embedded in this site, but we do schedule phone consultations on an as-needed basis. That being said, we are currently ramping up our support team and will have much more phone support very soon!

5. Do you integrate with the ISN?

Yes, we do! You can sign up for a Nexus Account using your ISN credentials, or link the two afterward! This means you can create your orders while in ISN, and expect to see your inspections in Nexus right away! After you complete those inspections, you can push the report back to ISN with a single tap!

6. Is this designed to only be used on a mobile device? Or is there a "desktop" version?

All work to fill out the report is expected to be handled in the Mobile App because it has been created and optimized with the inspection workflow in mind.

The Web Dashboard now gives you the opportunity to work on the report as well! This will allow you to fill out the report from scratch or do an easy revision to the report done through the Mobile App...

Please notice that the Web Dashboard doesn't have all the bells and whistles to fill out a report as the Mobile App.

7. What are the most common issues for people switching to you from Spectora?

Our template layouts and finished reports are a bit different from Spectora, so it does take some time to get used to. Inspectors usually have to work with realtors to help them get accustomed to the new layout as well.

Overall, inspectors generally find it easier to switch from Spectora than from older report writers.

8. Can you write/import "details" (like room names etc...) whole-scale or do they have to be inputted individually?

We do support group adding many areas of the template from the web dashboard at once. Depending on what you're trying to do, it might be best to reach out to [email protected] with any details you can share about what you're looking to accomplish. We can help you get it figured out!

9. Can you reorder the "details"?

As of now, the details are ordered alphabetically. That said, we do have a feature coming in the future that will allow you to order details to your liking. If you find this especially important, I can get back to you on the status of that feature.

10. I am a little concerned about "finding" comments - because we have a lot - I know there is search, but is there a way to "title" comments so you only see the titles of the comments in the selection of comments (i.e. less scrolling?)

We do not support adding a title for narratives, though the search filter is quite robust. You can type search terms in any order, and only narratives containing those terms will show up in the list. Also, all the most commonly used narratives for each particular item will be displayed in the "quick add" area, so we find that inspectors rarely have trouble finding the narrative they need.

11. iPhone was asking me to change my "saving in the background" setting - but it was grayed-out and I was not able to do it.

You may have restricted background refresh in your iPhone settings. Go to Settings —> Screen Time —> Content & Privacy Restrictions (enter screen time password) —> Background App Activities —> Allow. If everything in Content & Privacy Restrictions is grayed out, that means you have no restrictions enabled.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach to [email protected]

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