The Report Summary will group your report narratives based on their conditions. Click here to know more about the Report Summary.

A commonly asked question is: How can I make my Report Summary show Condition X at the top of the report by default? or How can I modify the order in which my conditions appear in the Report Summary?

Conditions order, as with many other elements in the report, depends on the order they have in the template.

Take for example this template, and its conditions:

I used this template and published a report.

When accessing the Report Summary, I can see the same conditions, in the same order:

How can we modify this?


As previously mention (and proved), the order in which the conditions appear is that of the conditions in the template we use.

If we wanted to change this we must edit the template.

Confirm the name of the template you want to modify (i. e. the one used in the inspection):

Go to Templates and open the desired template. In this case, I'll be selecting Templates --> My Standard Residential:

Once there, focus on the list of conditions on the right.

You can use your mouse to drag and drop the conditions in any order you want:

Notice that your changes are saved on the spot. No need for a Save button.


Now, if we want one of our reports to reflect these changes, we must republish the report.

You can do this from the Web App itself. Click here to get more information on how to edit/republish the report from the Web App.

Once the report has been republished, we can expect the new conditions in the Report Summary the way we left them when editing the template:

If you have any problems, please reach out to the Support Team, either by chat or email at with specifics. We'll be happy to help!

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