The Web App features a version of the Report Writer as well, and it is fully synced with the Mobile App, so the changes made in any of these platforms will be reflected on the other, provided the devices have a reliable internet connection.

Let's edit one of our inspections then.


While in the Web App, go to Inspections and open the inspection you want to work on:

Then, click on the three dots next to Details and select "Edit Report":

If you've used the Mobile App to fill out the inspection, you will see the selected details and narratives there:

You can use the + sign next to the categories/subcategories/items to expand them to look for the narratives you want to add/modify:

You can get rid of an undesired narrative by clicking on the checkmark on the left:

If you want to modify the narrative itself, or the media files it contains, you must click on top of the narrative:

Here you can modify the narrative's content:

Once you're happy with the changes, don't forget to click on Save:


If you want to publish/republish the report, click on the three dots next to Property and then on Publish Report.

And that's it! You will have successfully modified your report using the Web App!

If you have any problems, please reach out to [email protected] with specifics. We're happy to help!

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